Visit College Campuses

One of the most important parts of your college research is the campus visit. Visiting the colleges on your list will give you a firsthand impression of the students, faculty, staff, facilities and programs.  On a visit you can learn what the admission office is looking for in its applicants, gain a feeling for the academic and social atmosphere, see the study/living/recreation facilities, talk with students, and get a sense of the surrounding community.  You should try to visit MOST if not ALL colleges of interest.

Make a Reservation or Appointment 
There are two ways to make a planned visit to a college campus. 
1.  Institutions have planned days for high school students to visit their campuses.  You can find open house dates on college websites.  Most reservations can be made online.    
2.  You can contact the admissions office via phone or email to schedule an appointment for you and your parents to meet with an admissions counselor.  Go to the college website and locate "Admissions."  Contact information will be available.  
Colleges are eager for you to come and usually "roll out the red carpet" for your visit. However, remember:  Do not show up on a college campus without a reservation for a visit!  

Excused Absences for College Visits 
Seniors are granted two excused absences to visit colleges.  If more visits are needed, notify the senior counselor.  Excused absences are granted when students follow the steps listed below.  Remember that this has to be done in advance to provide time to receive pre-approval from the principal.  

SVHS College/University/Technical School Visitation Policy

As much as possible, visits should be planned on weekends or during scheduled time off or holidays.  If the visit can only be scheduled during a school day, an excused absence will be granted only if ALL the following information is provided. 

1.  Get a copy of SVHS College Visitation Permission Form from the attendance secretary in the Main Office.  
2.  Complete requested information regarding the visit.  Make sure your parent signs the form. 
3.  Return the completed form to the attendance secretary for the principal's signature. 
4.  After your visit, bring information from the college to verify your visit.  Return this information to the attendance secretary.  

Failure to follow this procedure will result in an unexcused absence.   

Campus Visit Checklist 
When you visit a college, make every moment count.  Before your visit, have your plan ready.  Checkout this information from College Board that provides helpful tips in putting together your plan:  Click Here.   

Colleges May Ask You Questions during Your Visit
You may not be the only one asking questions during a college visit!  Admission office representatives may ask you some questions.  Checkout this information from College Board that provides helpful tips in answering questions:  Click Here.

Thank-You Notes 
After your college visit, don't forget to write a thank-you note to the college admissions department for hosting your visit.  A thank-you note after a visit can earn big bonus points.  


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