Summer Assignments

Summer Assignments & Pre-Course Work

IMPORTANT: This coursework is required regardless of which semester you take the course.


Co-op Students:
  • All Co-op students should join the Co-op Edmodo group with the code: pgtvga
English Language Arts (SVHS Only)
  1. 9th Grade English (All Levels)
  2. 10th Grade English (All Levels)
  3. 11th Grade General English
  4. 11th Grade General and Advanced English "Desiree's Baby"
  5. 11th Grade Advanced English
  6. 11th Grade Advanced English Reading Materials
  7. 11th Grade AP Language (Revised Edmodo Code)
  8. 12th Grade AP Literature
  9. 12th Grade General and Advanced English
  10. Dual Enrollment English 101 and English 102: Dual enrollment students should complete the AP assignment for the appropriate grade level 

Sciences (SVHS Only)

  1. Anatomy (SVHS)
  2. AP Chemistry (SVHS)
  3. Advanced and General Chemistry (SVHS)
  4. Advanced and General Chemistry [Lab Equipment/Safety](SVHS)
  5. AP Physics 1 Summer Assignment
  6. AP Biology (SVHS)

Social Sciences (SVHS Only)

  1. AP US History (SVHS Only)[McDonald]
  2. 10th Grade AP History (SVHS Only) & Questions

Mathematics (SVHS Only)

  1. AP Calculus (SVHS Only)
  2. PreCalculcus/Advanced Precalculus(SVHS Only)
  3. Algebra Pre-Course Assignment (SVHS Only)
  4. Algebra B Pre-Course Assignment (SVHS Only)
  5. Geometry Pre-Course Assignment (SVHS Only)
  6. Algebra II, Algebra II w/ Trig, & Advanced Algebra II w/ Trig Pre-Course Assignment (SVHS Only)

English Language Arts (IB Only)

  1. English A: Literature/ AP English Literature & Composition (IB Only--Rising 12th graders)
  2. AP English Language & Composition (IB Only--Rising 11th Graders)
  3. English Reading Assignment (IB Only--Rising 10th Graders)

Foreign Languages (IB Only)

  1. German II Vocabulary(IB Only)
  2. German III Vocabulary (IB Only)
  3. German IV Instructions (IB Only)
  4. German IV Stories and Questions (IB Only)
  5. Spanish II (IB Only)
  6. Spanish III (IB Only)
  7. Spanish IV (IB Only)

Mathematics (IB Only)

  1. IB Algebra II/Trig (IB Only)
  2. IB Calculus (this is for both AB and BC Calculus) (IB Only)
  3. IB Math Studies / Discrete Math (IB Only)
  4. IB Precalculus (IB Only)

Sciences (IB Only)

  1. Anatomy (IB Juniors)
  2. Advanced Chemistry (IB Only--Rising 10th graders)
  3. Advanced Chemistry [Lab Equipment/Safety](IB Only--Rising 10th graders)
  4. IB/AP Chemistry (IB Only--Rising 11th graders)
  5. AP Physics C - Summer HomeworkInstructions (IB Only)
  6. AP Physics C - Chapters 1-3 (IB Only)
  7. AP Physics C - Vector Algebra (IB Only)
  8. AP Physics C - Vector Remarks (IB Only)

Social Sciences (IB Only)

  1. AP European History (IB Only): Use Edmodo Code v9xer6 (Students must join the class in Edmodo to access needed materials).
  2. AP US History (IB Only): Use Edmodo Code zq8q4u (Students must join the class in Edmodo to access needed materials).
  1. History of the Americas (IB Only): TBA
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